The Effect of Organizational Identification on Organizational Commitment


  • Ertuğrul Köse Gübre Fabrikaları Türk A.Ş., İstanbul, Turkey
  • M. Çağrı Pehlivanoğlu

Anahtar Kelimeler:

Organizational Identification- Organizational Commitment- Work Experience


Purpose – The aim of this research is to identify the effect of organizational identification on organizational commitment. Design/methodology/approach – Within the framework of the existing literature, two Likert type scales were used to measure the conceptual structures. The measurement tools were distributed to 275 participants consisting of white-collar employees working in trade, service and production companies operating in Istanbul. In total, 243 respondents filled out the questionnaires, however, 30 of them were evaluated as invalid due to the missing information. Finally, statistical analyses were performed based on the data of 213 respondents. The research was conducted by IBM SPSS 22.0 and AMOS 23.0 software. In addition to the main hypothesis, the relationships between organizational commitment and demographic variables such as age, status and work experience were investigated through statistical analysis. Findings – It has been concluded that there is a significant, linear, and positive relationship between two conceptual structures; and organizational identification has an effect on organizational commitment. On the other hand, no significant relationship was found between organizational commitment and the demographic variables of age, status, and work experience. Discussion – Organizational identification was found to be an effective factor in organizational commitment; and therefore, managers should work on improving the employee identification with the organizations. The findings are limited to the perceptions of 213 employees and the sample consists of employees working in enterprises operating in the trade, production, and service sectors in Istanbul. The analysis can be expanded further to other industries and employees in the future studies.




Nasıl Atıf Yapılır

Köse, E., & Pehlivanoğlu, M. Çağrı. (2021). The Effect of Organizational Identification on Organizational Commitment. İşletme Araştırmaları Dergisi, 12(2), 2151–2160. Geliş tarihi gönderen