Organizational Resilience & Crisis Management Relationship on Hospitality Businesses


  • Tunahan Pekdemir Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Tourism Management Department, Ankara, Türkiye
  • Ebru Günlü Küçükaltan Dokuz Eylül University, Tourism Management Department, İzmir, Türkiye


Anahtar Kelimeler:

Organizational Resilience- Crisis Management


Purpose – The main subject of the research is the relationship between organizational resilience and crisis management. Organizational resilience, which is handled with its planned and adaptive dimensions, is referred to as the capacity that enables organizations to survive in harsh environmental conditions and to manage the crises encountered, is often on the agenda with crisis management. On the other hand, crisis management, which covers the processes before, during and after the crisis and is the subject of many researches in the literature, also underlines the organizational resilience in these processes. It is aimed that this research will contribute to the literature, since the studies examining the relationship between these two related concepts are few in quantity. The small number of studies examining the subject on hospitality businesses makes this research unique. Design/methodology/approach – The universe of the research consists of top and middle level managers in 5-star hospitality businesses located in Ankara. Quantitative research method was used as the data collection method in the study, in which a sample of 193 managers was reached, and data were collected with these managers in 27 hospitality businesses through a semi-structured questionnaire. Findings – In line with the findings, it was determined that there is a relationship between the concepts and that organizational resilience has an effect on pre- and post-crisis periods on the other hand, crisis period has an impact on adaptive resilience. Discussion – Based on the results of the research, it has been deduced from the literature that organizational resilience is a higher-frame concept than crisis management at the same time, the concepts are intertwined and complementary in management process and that organizational resilience, in practice, must have certain requirements, especially experience in managing crises, and organizations that want to operate in the long term should not ignore resilience.




Nasıl Atıf Yapılır

Pekdemir, T., & Günlü Küçükaltan, E. (2024). Organizational Resilience & Crisis Management Relationship on Hospitality Businesses. İşletme Araştırmaları Dergisi, 16(1), 206–222.